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Challenge #1 Response - Alias Drabble
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Subject:Challenge #1 Response
Time:02:17 am
Current Mood:creative
Title: Exquisite
Author: dollsome
Challenge #: 1
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sark, Lauren, mentions of Vaughn
Pairing(s): Sark/Lauren
Setting: Sometime between Blowback and The Frame
Spoilers: Second half of s3

You do wonder how the illustrious Agent Vaughn has failed to see it yet. To you, it’s overwhelming – blindingly obvious, deliciously intoxicating. There is a sharpness to everything about her, a potency and a poison, and try as you may, you can’t begin to picture her as the sweet housewife she plays so very well.

Her eyes hold a scheming sultriness; surely her hands and mouth betray any false pretences that might suggest she’s any sort of angel. But then again, perhaps her husband hasn’t been acquainted with them as you have.

It’s intriguing.

“I really do find it incredible,” you tell her one morning, an arm around her shoulders, sheets scented with sweat and that fabulous perfume she wears, “the way you’ve kept all this hidden from your husband.”

“He’s an idiot,” she says, dismissive, and you feel inclined to agree.

Perhaps he’s simply so blinded by his yearning for Sydney Bristow – something you decide is quite perfectly understandable – that he never takes the time to so much as truly look at the woman he’s married to.

And it does seem a terrible waste, you decide as her lips trail languidly down your neck.

She is exquisite.
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Time:2004-10-03 03:26 pm (UTC)
*melts* I am such a sappy Larker.

And not to mention SyVa fan. Yearning. Oh, gosh.

It's melty, Nita, just melty.
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Challenge #1 Response - Alias Drabble
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